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Mailbrew is your personal Internet digest — a single app to follow your favorite websites, creators, and writers, and unplug from feeds.

You get a daily email digest with the best content from your favorite RSS feeds, Twitter lists, YouTube channels, online searches, Product Hunt and more.

You can read the digest in our beautiful web app, which now also includes a dedicated inbox for your newsletters and saved links.

More about Mailbrew

Mailbrew fulfills the entire information diet of most people online: daily digests to follow topics and creators across services, a dedicated inbox for newsletters, and a read later feature to save all the great content we surface. All in one place.

In a way it's a reinvention of RSS but for today's varied and scattered information landscape.

It's also a better, smarter news feed. Slower, more deliberate, aware of the information flowing in all the places relevant to you, that intelligently sends you what you need to be aware of, at the right time.

Mailbrew is used every day to: